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AU Revisited, Volume 1. by leksbronks AU Revisited, Volume 1. by leksbronks
While I was in the process of looking for copies of old receipts buried beneath the many layers of old and obsolete My Documents folders on my computer, I came across a character description sheet I had started developing back about 5 years ago when I first started getting into online roleplay and storytelling.. there was one page that had a TON of characters on it that I had nearly completely forgotten all about, all of various dates of creation that extended throughout my roleplay life. Back then I couldn't draw very well, so a lot of these characters, due to my inability to bring them to life, just remained as chunks of text descriptions copied from mesage boards and hex colours, or badly drawn and twisted sketches that looked a lot like rip-off art. Unfortunately, I still can't draw very well, but I'd like to think that my style has slightly evolved since my beginnings with character design, and I thought it would be interesting to make a character study of these old descriptions and see what all this measly experience in my life has measured up to.

There's more - a lot more - but I didn't want to cramp it, so I'm going to split it up into 3 volumes. Each character is numbered, which will be referred to in the text below to match each description with the right character. I remember a lot of these, though unfortunately there are about 3 or 4 characters I didn't draw yet simply because I never saved a proper description of them and by now - I've totally forgotten what they were like! Some of you folks may remember some of these guys.


1. Gailard - Gailard was a rat whose purpose and story I don't remember and description is lost. I imagine him to have been slightly larger than a real rat, maybe a foot and a half; he could stand and walk in a human like fashion, and I believe he lived in a swampy underground cavern with his wife.

2. Serium & Delirium - These two fauns were two brothers who were exact opposites of each other. Serium was the witty, hare-brained, jumpy and excitable prankster, while Delirium was a drowsy, friendly slow-witted counterpart. The Serium from this group actually evolved into a different character I am currently using in another project, so he now looks a lot different than this, but I wanted to draw him the way I remember him from the original creation.

3. The Soga, Rhazinyde - This old, cranky character was introduced very briefly in a roleplay story, but I did not really develop on him. I do have his old description saved...

"His crooked gait directs him to the right, indicating either a right leg shorter than the other, or one that is not completely there, perhaps aided by that of a fabricated one. A long, slender, bent oaken staff that ends far above his own height of around 5 feet aids him in his walking, which is obviously a great feat for the old man. He is dressed in a long, sleeveless cloak fashioned of the purest, finest purple velvet tipped in gold thread and adorned across the back with a strange symbol of a dragon's head surrounded by seven indecipherable runes that seem to enchantingly evade the eyes of those who cannot read them. Beneath this robe he wears an off-white satin shirt, whose sleeves are to the wrist in length and draping like the sleeves of an oriental kimono - the shirt and the robe both compliment each other as if made to be worn together.

His head is long, almost isoceles triangled in shape, yet suttle enough to not be comic in nature. His snout is thin, but not too long; the shape and appearance of it is far too suttle to distinguish his species. A long, white, frizzy goatee trails down his chin and down to his chest. Two long, scuffed, yellowed, blunted horns protrude from either side of his head, just above the ears - which are nearly elven shaped, but longer and a bit floppy. One is pierced through several times with a long, spiraled, thick gauged thread of gold. Small, pink, piggish eyes squint out from behind small glasses perched on his face, a small magnifying glass folded up over the left lens, his glasses slightly smudged with thumb residue. The top of his head is adorned with a small, round fez-like cap, violet in colour as his robes and just as velvety, and tinkered all over in draping threads of gold intertwined with jewels. A small bell in the very center on top jingles almost violently with every hobbling step he takes."

4. El-Ant-O - This pipe-voiced ant served as assistant sanitization technician to the Garwood Library assistant, El-Roach-O.

5. Brajhma - One of the few characters here that was not originally created for roleplay purposes; Brajhma originally came from an undeveloped story I started a long time ago about a neglected circus elephant who goes crazy.. the story itself was actually inspired by a drawing of an elephant head I made, which had no intention of being anything beyond a regular elephant head but the way it ended up looking, just remined me of an elephant going through something like cabin fever. But I digress.. Brajhma was at some point ported over into another fantasy story. Here's an excerpt from the description...

"He is nearly 20 feet tall, dressed in a hooded velvet cloak and pallium. Ornately carved gold hangs about his neck in ample thick chains and trinkets. Long, thick tusks tipped in gold jut from his gaping maw, and is built like an ogre (But much more pleasant to look at!), withh large, revealing dark eyes. He looks about curiously, having not ever visited such a strange and wondrous garden."

6. Drelaiken Szosum - Drelaiken was never a real character per se, this was actually a Halloween costume that Bronks wore one year. While we humans get dressed up like non-human things on Halloween, Bronks dresses himself up like a human.. wow, isn't that just so ironic? Come on, I'm bleeding at the gums here. Throw me a bone. ;)

7. Shimin Dhori - One of Bronks' virtually unknown children, born of a fire element whom he had fell in love with. Shimin was kidnapped, along with her born-blind brother when they were just a few days old, and raised by great sages who trained them in the black arts. Bronks had only met her once, when she had returned at the age of 12 years old. She is all pale, almost albino save for a pair of very large, bright green eyes.

Original Description..

"Her expression is one of outright bliss, wide green eyes beading like teacups, a small, tightly drawn smile crosses her oddly featured, alien face. She is dressed rather plainly, adorned in a floor-length gown of royal blue plain satin, spagetti strapped and not the least bit fancified. She wears no shoes, leaving a pair of furry, slightly talon toed feet to carry her. A pair of long, slim coyote like ears spill down her back, mingling with her waist length hair of auburn color. She holds a fistful of dandelions in her hand.

Upon first glance, one may regard her without question as a delightful little girl - but the light in the room reflects strangely off of her eyes.. and gives a momentary glimpse of something else...beneath."

8. Cheshire Chaine - This very odd character is one of the only characters amongst the ranks that are truly evil at heart. He is a killer of all creatures, including children, and utilizes all of his strength and resources towards the purpose of fulfilling the prophecy of absolute destruction. He is an enchanted creature whose very source of creation was phantasmagoria.

Original Description...

"...a very strange creature, indeed. He is long and slender, almost feline in Nature, yet his mannerisms and attitude diometrically oppose such a species. His face is wrought with a long snout ending in a pointed dark nose, a smile that reveals long even rows of white teeth, and bright piercing green eyes that veil all there is to know about this creature. His fur is the oddest feature about him, though - short and lavendar with black stripes...not out of the ordinary at first, but upon closer inspection the black stripes reveal themselves to be not stripes, but words..words etched into his fur - various lines of prose and words of wisdome adorn the creature's entire backside, written by both himself and others. To brush one's hand across them would reveal that they have not been written there, but rather have grown from his skin, as if placed there by some divine, unseen hand."

9. Function - I don't remember what this character's purpose was but I do have the original description. His carrier is not pictured here.

"About the size of a large terrier, Function's body is rather round and obtuse, like a pear. His arms are long and gangly, ending in widely calloused knuckled hands - indicating some sort of constant use of them. As he twists in his mechanical carrier, it becomes evident why - he has no legs! They are clean cut all the way up to the hips, the skin smooth and unblemished as if they had never been there at all. He is completely bald, skin colour of human, but a bit pastier, and a head almost bulldog-esque in reminiscience. A pair of oversized black, almost insect reminiscient eyes blinks and scan the room.
His carrier, Tessie, is a simple contraption - a wooden and metal stilt-legged machine, manually operated by two handles attached to small hydraulic jacks, and about as small in size as he is."

10. Lucius - This was another character whose underlying story was pretty much undeveloped. He was introduced into a couple of stories, but never really worked on him. Lucius was a shapeshifter who could shift between the appearance of a 17 year old boy and that of a rusty-furred cat. He also had the ability to render himself unnoticeable to the eye and mind, causing one to forget his presence.

11. Leks Bronks - Well, you might already know this guy :)

12. Bucephalus - an inanimate golem dragon made of wood and jade that was given as a present to one of Bronks' long-gone romantic figures. He has his original description...

"..about 3 inches in height, with a neat little pair of wings more like a faerie's than a dragon's. His body is composed inanimate materials - all wooden with little brass fastenings at the joints that cause the wood to slightly creak with every step, and a head fashioned of jade, with little jade beads for eyes and iviry shavings for teeth. However, this little creature is very much alive. Lids blink over his eyes, and the gems in the sockets seem to dialate and express all of the emotion that could revel that of a true dragon's."

13. The Luminglas Trio, Luminglas One, Luminglas Two and Big Blackie V.5 - These tree cats originally came from one - Luminglas One. Luminglas was Bronks' cat who, through a disastrous mistake that nearly devastated the entire planet, was accidentally cloned into countless numbers. Bronks and his friends eventually cleared the world of them by sending them all through a wormhole that lead straight to the other side of the universe. A small number of them remained behind, including the original Luminglas and the first two clones. Big Blackie was originally Luminglas Three (I think), but for some reason he kept growing while the others remained the same. He had five separate growth spurts (hence the version number 5), and is now the size of a small compact vehicle.

14. Somin - Somin was never really a roleplay character, but he must have made an appearance somewhere because he was on my character sheet. Somin was a samurai warrior trained in the mystic arts of silent meditation. He does not not speak, and he always appears to be asleep in trance. I don't remember anything beyond that.

15. El-Roach-O - This talking cockroach served as the junior secretarial assistant at the Garwood Library, after having attained the highly-coveted position with his intellectual bookwormish habits and ability to decipher many unreadable languages. He was the first of his kind to appear at the library, and was eventually followed by El-Ant-O and El-Fly-O.

16. T'sonduitoqal - This character was known as a "which doctor", who was really more of a crazy inventor. He created four robotic creatures called the Four Stars, and fueled their artifical intelligence by stealing the life orbs of a particular race of aliens whom he had come into contact with; once he discovered the nearly endless supply of energy that the orbs were capable of emanating, he became an intergalactic thief and convoy stowaway in search of these aliens and their sacred tresures. I will be posting the Four Stars in the next installment.

17. El-Fly-O - A fruit fly whose only job a the Garwood Library was to buzz around and fly into window screens. He also served as a messenger and often delivered many important notices and other mailings.

18. SCSI - This bushy, mischevious rascal of a ferret became a pirate of the high seas after he realized that normal social interaction was nearly impossible due to his incredibly heavy accent that no one could understand. This misgiving of his was a constant source of misery, always getting him into trouble when those he spoke to misinterpreted what he was saying and thought he was spewing cursed language. Among the ranks of the scurviest pirates, his offensive manner of speaking didn't seem to bother them in the least - in fact, he fit right in. Now he sails the high seas in search of great booty - and perhaps a 30-day speech improvement class.
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HellyBeanx Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2008  Hobbyist
i love it! it's so...disney-ish. i think they'd hire you! ^_^
AkaiTennyo Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2008  Hobbyist
This is pretty cool. I like your drawing style, it's very lively.
dragonrider458 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2006
12 reminds me of Watto and Greivous put together from Star Wars
Twisted-Buddha-40 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2006
what the fuck do u mean "you can't draw well" ? this is good shit man!
sargeras Featured By Owner May 24, 2006
pretty cool look into your work.. leks bronks, just one of many characters from back in the day? makes you wonder how things would have been if you liked one of the others more at the time.
skifi Featured By Owner May 21, 2006
*pounceTACKLEhugs Luminglas* XD Soooo long time missing you, babe.....

*he bites the bully guy* Ack! I forgot how picky you were XD

Hehehe, yeah, your style and skills have evolved since 5 years ago, and I bet you agree it has been for good ;3 *nods nods* I'm sure you realized how much you missed those old times when redrawing them all for this sheet... that happens with your little creations, they're never 100% forgotten, they're like lost sons coming back home from time to time ^_____^
Pain-of-Insanity Featured By Owner May 21, 2006
And they all serve as proof that no matter where I am, no matter what you draw, I'll always be able to recognize your style. They're all so cool. x3

Rhazinyde, Lucius, and [of course] Leks are too bloody great. I like how they look, especially Rhazinyde. He's just way too cool. XD
darkmoon-nightwolf Featured By Owner May 21, 2006
Makes me miss The Forest Inn
aihre Featured By Owner May 20, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Vega here. I recognize a number of them, they bring back fond memories of CP days. I'm sure I remember a lot more of them apart from these, though! *G*

Haven't kept an eye on your artistic progress, but your characterization is always amazing. The way you can bring out the personality in the character. That's something I have to work on, definitely.

Good to have found you here!
darkvvulf Featured By Owner May 20, 2006   Digital Artist
Hey, your line quality has gotten alot better. It makes your style alot more professional looking.
zlooo Featured By Owner May 20, 2006
Yay! First comment! :D
I love those guys. Moooore ;)
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